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Photo Radar Blocker

Calgary Radar Detectors

Introducing the Prodb photo radar blocker


ZR Auto is the exclusive Alberta dealer/installer for the ProDB Photo Radar Blocker system, which blocks the license plate from the view of a red light camera or speed-on-green camera.

Photo Radar Blocker

The device utilizes a flash countermeasure system that is activated by the speed camera, triggering a bright flash that obscures the license plate, making your car immune from red light and speed-on-green tickets. The device is legal Canada-wide as it does not obstruct the view of the license plate.

Beltronics STi Magnum

ProDB in action

Buy the best license plate blocker on the market, and have it professionally installed here in Calgary by ZR Auto.

The ProDB License Plate Blocker offers you vehicle maximum protection and can be configured and installed on your vehicle for $599 + installation.

Contact ZR Auto today for a quotation on your vehicle.

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