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Alberta's Exclusive ECU Tuning Dealer/installer


ZR Auto is the exclusive Alberta dealer/installer for ECU Tuning Group parts and software tuning packages, enhancing the horsepower and torque of your vehicle. ECU Tuning Group enhancements come in many forms ranging from a software tune to a complete performance overhaul.

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ECU Tuning Group software and pullley kits can enhance the performance of your Jaguar in just a few minutes! ECU Tuning Group services the following Jaguar models:

Model:                                   Price:         Power Gains:
3.0 Supercharged$1,683.5041 hp
3.0 Supercharged with pulley$2,073.5071 hp
4.2/4.4 Non Supercharged$903.5030 hp
4.2 Supercharged with pulley$1,813.5060 hp
5.0 Non Supercharged 2010-$1,293.5050+ hp
5.0 Supercharged $2,203.5050+ hp
5.0 Supercharged with pulley$2,593.5050+ hp
XFR-S with pulley$2,593.5070+ hp
XKR-S with pulley$2,593.5070+ hp

 For A complete list of tuning packages, click here!


ECU Tuning Group at ZR Auto

Our in-house specialists install ECU Tuning Group ECU tuning software and performance parts at our location in Calgary. ECU Tuning Group products and tuning software, simply put, are the simplest and most effective ways to boost the performance of your car. The ECU tunes are completely reversible and can be tuned back to the stock settings at any time.

Contact ZR Auto today for a quote for ECU Tuning Group tuning products on your vehicle.

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