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Alberta's Exclusive BRAKE CALIPER WRAP Installer


Changing the colour of your brke calipers is nothing new, but we've got something that's sure to draw plenty of attention to your prized posession. Brake caliper wraps utilize a high-heat material that conforms to the shape of your brake calipers and withstands the heat emitted even under hard braking.

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Brake calper wraps are a popular alternative to painting your calipers. Not only are they more economical, but the levels of customization are even higher. From Italian flag caliper wraps to reflective, shimmer or matte looks, we can give you the look you're trying to achieve.

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Brake Caliper wraps at ZR Auto

We're firm believers that the smallest details are what make or break a custom project. From standard red or yallow calipers to any design you can imagine, we can make it happen for you.

Our team has wrapped calipers on vehicles of all shapes and sizes. We've tested the caliper wraps under hard braking and long drive scenarios. The bottom line is that the durability of brake caliper wraps is the same as paint.

Contact ZR Auto today for a quote for brake caliper wraps on your vehicle.

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